Sadia Philosophy

Sadia Farm to Table Philosophy


We guarantee that none of our chickens are treated with hormones, in accordance to Brazilian law and the Sadia Total Assurance Programme which represents our commitment to consumer health.


More than a choice, taking exceptional care of our livestock is a commitment to us. Because you expect our products to be excellent, we spare no effort in quality control. And it starts with the welfare of the animals in our partners’ farms.

In poultry farming, for example, we incubate our eggs in a temperature-controlled environment where ventilation and humidity are carefully calibrated to ensure that the chicks growing inside are healthy even before they hatch. After birth, the chicks are allowed to roam freely under the watchful eyes of trained Sadia veterinarians and technicians.

In accordance to our internal Animal Welfare Programme, we guarantee that our livestock are:

  • Free from starvation and thirst
  • Free from physical discomfort
  • Free from pain, wounds and diseases
  • Free to behave naturally
  • Free from fear and agony

At Sadia, we’re always investing in animal health, farming environments, new facilities, personnel training, technology and biosecurity. It’s all a part of our commitment to animal welfare and environmental sustainability.


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5 Pillars of Quality

Pedigree Livestock

We only procure chickens with a lineage that guarantees healthy chicken.

Balanced Diet

We give our chickens a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals, meeting their nutritional needs at every stage of their life. We produce their feed according to procedures required by law.

Best Animal Feed

We only work with reliable suppliers who provide us with the best raw materials for our animal feed. These companies are subject to an approval process involving rigorous audits and certifications.


We guarantee that none of our chickens are treated with added hormones, in accordance to Brazilian law and the Sadia Total Assurance Programme which represents our commitment to consumer health..

Controlled Environment

Our partners’ farms are spacious, airy and carefully cleaned so that our chickens grow up healthy.

Constant Monitoring

The health of our chickens is consistently tracked by veterinarians, animal scientists and technicians. We engage these experts as part of our Total Guarantee Programme, which ensures the quality of our products.

Individual Inspection

All our chicken products are individually inspected before packaging. Human handling of each product is minimised as much as possible.

Exclusive S-Freeze Process

Our quick freezing process guarantees food safety, and maintains the appearance, juiciness and freshness of our food products without the use of preservatives. We use this process as part of the Sadia Total Assurance Programme, which ensures the quality of our chickens from farm to supermarket, and it’s monitored and certified by both Brazilian and foreign authorities.

Food Safety Certifications

Besides being endorsed by the world’s strictest food safety certifications, including BRC, IFS, Global G.A.P., ISO 18001 and ISO 27001, we continually assess the impact of our products on our consumers’ health and safety. All our products are analysed for microbiological, physical and chemical hazards according to HACCP standards during manufacturing, storage and distribution.

Environmental Commitment

As part of our own Environmental Policy, we put in place an Environmental Management System, which is duly accredited by ISO 14001:2004. We also established an Institute of Sustainability to spearhead and strengthen our numerous socio-environmental initiatives. Some of our initiatives include the Renewable Forest Programme, the Rational Usage and Energy Conservation Programme and the Reduction of Water Usage Programme.

Halal Certification

Our chickens are hand-slaughtered by personnel contracted by the Islamic Centres or by BRF, working under the supervision of the Islamic Centres.

All our slaughter men are practicing Muslims. The words “Bismillah Allaho Akbar” are inscribed in our slaughtering facilities. Here, production lines are positioned so that the birds and slaughter men are facing the Qibla.


How exactly is Sadia chicken produced, from birth to slaughter?

Step 1: Genetic Purchase — Every year, we go to our partners’ farms to select and buy chickens that are genetically inclined to be healthier.

Step 2: Breeding — The chickens purchased are bred to produce offspring. It is these second-generation chickens that will eventually be processed into our products.

Step 3: Processing — The second-generation chickens are processed into Sadia products. Throughout, we feed our chickens with a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. We also provide training and specialised assistance to our partner farmers and their employees.

Is there a difference in the production process of chickens for the Brazilian market and for the international market?

Each country has its own laws that regulate the production of animals for human consumption. Because of stringent standards set by our Sadia Total Assurance Programme, all our production plants adequately meet the laws and requirements of every market we operate in.

What hygiene and sanitation measures are in place to ensure the quality of Sadia’s chicken products?

We use specific vaccines on our livestock to prevent diseases.

Livestock Monitoring
We regularly monitor the health of our animals, and the sanitation of our equipment and facilities.

People Access Control
At any point from our partner farms to our production facilities, only authorised and trained personnel are allowed to come into contact with our livestock and products.

Bath Before Entry
Personnel are only allowed to enter our facilities after an on-site bath.

Overall Hygiene
Our premises, equipment and vehicles are regularly maintained for hygiene.

What are the environmental conditions of the chicken farms that Sadia uses?

Our partners’ farms are designed to provide the best environmental conditions for our chickens, in accordance to their age and physiological needs. Temperature, humidity, space, light and even airflow are controlled to ensure their healthy development. For example, chickens are more comfortable in a warmer environment when they’re young, and a cooler one in a later stage of life. Our chickens are also protected from natural predators, and kept free from fear and agony.

Does Sadia change the feed composition according to the life stages of the chickens?

Yes. The feeding programme for our chickens changes as they physically change, growing up. We size our feed accordingly so that it’s easy for a chicken to ingest and digest its food. We also change the nutritional balance of our feed to suit the chicken’s nutritional requirement for optimum growth. Such a programme also helps us minimise waste in the production of animal feed, and helps us meet the nutritional standards set out by animal welfare foundations.