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Grilled Portobello Mango Chicken Sliders

cooking-time15 mins cooking-servings2 SERVINGS


  • 1 packet of Sadia pepper grilled chicken breast
  • 8 portobello mushrooms
  • 1 Mango (small cubes)
  • 4 tbsp of sour cream or plain Greek yoghurt
  • 4 cheddar cheese slices
  • 4 butterhead lettuces
  • Butter
  • A few pieces of decorative skewers


  1. Mix mango cubes with sour cream and set aside
  2. Heat up a grilling pan on medium high heat
  3. Add butter into the grilling pan
  4. Grill portobello mushroom and Sadia pepper grilled chicken breast until fragrant and set aside
  5. Lay a portobello mushroom, add a slice of cheese, grilled chicken breast, lettuce, mango sour cream, another slice of cheese and cover them with another portobello mushroom.
  6. Secure the portobello mango chicken burger with a decorative skewer

Pepper Grilled Chicken Breast

Shirley Goh
Shirley loves travelling and sampling local dishes from different countries. Despite being a busy working woman, she always makes time to cook for her family and friends. She feels that even though Asian cooking uses some common ingredients, the way the ingredients are used differs across countries and cultures. Therefore, cooking is exciting and each dish is unique to each chef. She is experimental and likes blending different types of cooking styles and ingredients to create her own Asian Fusion food. Shirley's dining concept is simple, casual and unassuming. She yearns to make guests feel comfortable in what they are wearing, and yet enjoy a cosy and affordable meal at her garden-themed dining area.