Life Hack: Select and thaw frozen meat the right way

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There’s no denying that top quality meats will give you top-tasting meals. Sadia’s frozen meats products are top quality, but even so, there are tips you can follow to ensure the best tasting meals prepared with frozen meats. It starts at the selection process.

When shopping for your frozen meat, follow these tips:

  1. The frozen meat should be rock hard.
  2. There should be no ice crystals (freezer burn) inside the pack.
  3. Avoid any pack with frozen liquid inside— it has likely been defrosted and refrozen, causing juices in the meat to seep out, and ruining the taste.

Once you have carefully selected your pack of high-quality Sadia frozen meat, pay close attention to how you defrost it. Raw food products have bacteria on them, and frozen meats that aren’t thawed properly cause deadly foodborne illnesses due to cross contamination.

The secret to Sadia’s top quality frozen meats? The S-freeze process.

Sadia’s S-freeze process seals the moisture in the meat by ensuring there are less ice crystals in the cells. The result? Meat that retains its original juiciness, flavours and texture when cooked into a delicious meal.

Go ahead and start cooking delicious meals today!

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